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George Morris

President, Co-Founder

In the interactive space, I'm a salty-old sea captain at this point. I began building sites in '93 on Prodigy for Rage Against the Machine fans to trade bootleg concert tapes. Those were the things before CDs, you know, before MP3s. I've been in this long enough to know what a BBS is, when 14.4 kbps was a serious speed upgrade, and how amazing animated GIFs were when they arrived on the scene.

I'm wickedly passionate for well-designed and functional software and physical products. (Aren't we all?) A Swiss Army knife; knowledgeable and curious about most things; expert in just a few areas. Technology innovation and sharing with the community are my two drugs I can't get enough of. You'll often find me listening to Audible audiobooks, watching TED conferences or attending community gatherings in my beloved town of Boulder, Colorado.

My whole life I've sought continued improvement of self and I have attempted to find balance in life between work, family, self-interest, friends and community service. Thus far, I haven't found the answer, but I'm still working at it.

Check my Twitter feed for whatever random topic I'm currently immersed in.

John Skufca

Technology Director, Co-Founder

The summer before sixth grade, I saved up enough money to buy my first computer: a Tandy PC-6. With only 8 KB of RAM and a black and white 24 character screen, I created complex adventures and action games with my fellow friends on the small system.

Throughout the years on this planet, I have consistently surrounded myself with technology from cameras to computers. With this knowledge, I've created many complex websites and internet applications; fitting them with technology to provide the best experience in this digital age.

With my love of technology comes a love of science fiction. Some would consider me a trekkie (thank you db), mstie, scapers, gater, browncoat, ender, and whovian to name a few. There are times where I can leave the world of technology and enjoy nature. And there are even rarer occasions I've been known to outsmart a fish.

Alex Manzanares

Client Services Director

Hi, my name is Alex, and I have "OCD" (tendencies). From my obsession with office supplies (take me to the Container Store at your own risk!), to a color-coded wardrobe, and near-constant list-making, I’ve always loved being über-organized.

After growing up in Denver, going to school in DC, and then working in New York and London, I recently relocated back to the Rockies. While I’ve been away, I’ve delivered a diverse set of digital programs with some awesome teams spanning website, mobile and social development projects. I’ve had the opportunity to work with some of the most challenging brands out there—including Target, Samsung, Unilever, TUI and RBS/Coutts—all of which have pushed my boundaries and built my passion for delivering user-led, award-winning, market-breaking products.

The line between my work and personal life is often blurry, but when I can pull myself away from the grindstone, you can find me inhaling avocados, spending time with my partner and puppy, building the best-running Sim City you could possibly imagine, and dreaming about building my own self-running digital home.

John Newman

Creative Director

What I love most about any given day at Imulus are the opportunities I have to spearhead a team of pure talent, mentor junior designers, and ensure that we consistently deliver top-of-the-line designs that carry the heart and soul of the agency.

My background is comprised of over 10 years of design and development experience so I know my way around the Creative Cloud but that doesn’t stop me from constantly exploring and integrating all the new design tools that appear on an almost weekly basis. Previously, I was a hybrid designer and UX developer at Basho Technologies where I handled branding, UI, and print design as well as front-end development for websites, platforms, and product GUIs. After all the time I’ve spent working in languages like JavaScript, Erlang, and Ruby, and markup dialects like HTML(5)/CSS(3) and their various preprocessors, I've come to view coding as one of the most creative things I do.

I love attending and speaking at technology events and conferences. If you look closely, you’ll see me popping up like Waldo at venues everywhere from Portland to Tallahassee, San Francisco to New York. In my spare time, I tend to go a little nuts writing fiction novels and treatises on political philosophy. But hey, who doesn’t?

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