Bryce Hammond


I am an unabashed geek. I got hooked on programming in elementary school, writing Basic, Logo and Fortran in the warm orange glow of CGA monitors, and logging online time with a 300 baud modem before there was a world wide web. A glance at my bookcase reveals: The Cauchy-Schwartz Master Class for a little inequalities and analysis, The Age of Entanglement (the story of quantum mechanics and non-locality), and Jitterbug Perfume. I even read Harry Potter, well listened, and if I happened to listen while brushing up with a Ruby on Rails text, I still got the main points. My geekery led me to pursuing math and computer science in college, as well as a small fling with philosophy, which became my minor.

My work life has been all over the map. I started for a mortgage company during the real estate boom, then proceeded to work for "the man" by writing top secret software for a government contractor, but if I tell you anything more about that… I spent a year in grad school discovering that I didn't want to be a professor, followed by a satisfying stint at a growing financial services company. There I worked on backend systems that processed billions of daily requests and, with the rise of the iPhone, started and lead their in-house mobile applications team. We created some really wonderful software with the crowning achievement of winning an Apple Design Award for our work on the Financial Times iPad app. The team exploded in size and I got pushed up the ladder with more management and less of that geekery I indicated above. Luckily, my friends here at Imulus offered me a job, and it's been the best move I've ever made.

So why "The Magician"? I was actually a professional magician at one point in time, and still enjoy creating and performing the occasional trick, with a strong interest in how technology can be integrated into magic. I'm also the software wizard, pulling out various bags of tricks in code to create magical experiences. As Arthur C. Clarke once said, "Any technology sufficiently advanced is indistinguishable from magic." I love creating magic in all forms.