George Morris


In the interactive space, I'm a salty-old sea captain at this point. I began building sites in '93 on Prodigy for Rage Against the Machine fans to trade bootleg concert tapes. Those were the things before CDs, you know, before MP3s. I've been in this long enough to know what a BBS is, when 14.4 kbps was a serious speed upgrade, and how amazing animated GIFs were when they arrived on the scene.

I'm wickedly passionate for well-designed and functional software and physical products. (Aren't we all?) A Swiss Army knife; knowledgeable and curious about most things; expert in just a few areas. Technology innovation and sharing with the community are my two drugs I can't get enough of. You'll often find me listening to Audible audiobooks, watching TED conferences or attending community gatherings in my beloved town of Boulder, Colorado.

My whole life I've sought continued improvement of self and I have attempted to find balance in life between work, family, self-interest, friends and community service. Thus far, I haven't found the answer, but I'm still working at it.

Check my Twitter feed for whatever random topic I'm currently immersed in.