Our Approach

A great product is born from collaboration.

We pride ourselves on building the best products for our clients, and a lot of that comes down to our collaborative process. Many agencies have a linear, waterfall approach to building websites and mobile apps, a process that unfortunately is not suited to the fast moving industry we’re in. Worse, it leaves you, the client, waiting months before you can get something in your hands to play with. At Imulus, we work differently.

We take principles from traditional and modern methodologies – agile, waterfall, and lean to deliver the highest quality product in the fastest time possible, while at the same time ensuring we have a long-term roadmap for the product’s evolution. 

We have 3 simple phases.


Phase 1: Define

As part of the define phase, we completely immerse ourselves into an organization and industry. We engage in both stakeholder and user interviews with the aim of defining the product’s business and user goals, and looking at inspiration within and outside the industry – to identify it’s place within the market while identifying competitive advantages. We turn every stone to uncover all facts related to a project, and strategize ways to hit goals and achieve tangible ROI. Our goal is to explore the connections between teams, systems, and use-cases in an attempt to create a long-term vision and roadmap for building a better experience for everyone involved.


 The Boy Scouts of America is one of the nation’s largest and most prominent youth development organizations in the nation, and recently beginning to take large strides into the digital arena.

Imulus is proud to be a part of its ongoing investment into mobile strategy, design, and development. Using best practices taken from LEAN and agile, Imulus developed a mobile MVP (minimum viable product) focused on helping Scout leaders build the future leaders of tomorrow. In parallel, Imulus led a strategically intensive Define phase yielding a digital vision and multi-year roadmap focused on solving critical user and business goals.

Capabilities: product strategy, business strategy, user interviews, business interviews, analytics research, concept development, vision creation, roadmap definition, creative direction, iOS development, Android development, program planning

Phase 2: Invent

Once we’ve agreed on the product’s value proposition and app map, our team moves into an intense collaborative phase where we begin building the product in “sprints,” feature by feature. These sprints are time-boxed efforts where all core disciplines are dedicated to building the product concurrently together – allowing us to identify issues faster, and to give you a working version of the product in weeks, rather than months. This also allows us to iteratively test the product after each sprint and learn from users about what works and what doesn’t. This puts the client, the “Product Owner”, in the driver’s seat, to see the product evolution in real-time and provide feedback on the spot. At the end of this phase, we have a working product that we can immediately deploy live into the market.

Vail Resorts, is the leading mountain resort operator in the United States.

Imulus was engaged to create a centralized management solution for Vail's 20+ retail sites using the CMS platform, Umbraco. Our User Experience, Creative, and Development teams worked together in weekly iterations throughout our Invent phase to design and build a highly flexible and responsive suite of products.

The structure was designed so that Vail’s various brands can leverage the same functionality, while retaining the flexibility to prioritize and reorganize information to meet the different branding and functional requirements.

Google Analytics were implemented to track key user flows and test performance. Post launch, the Vail Resorts staff retain the ability to evolve the site with freshly updated content driving greater user conversion. Imulus continues to work with Vail resorts for ongoing feature enhancements and additional site integrations as needed.

Capabilities: information architecture, site map, creative direction, detailed design, responsive design, HTML5 development, Umbraco development, custom integrations

Phase 3: Evolve

Launching the product is only half the work. Following a successful launch, we watch analytics closely and perform added research to learn how users are interacting with the product as well as how they feel about it. This data will allow us to verify that the product we set out to build is actually attaining the user and business goals defined at the beginning. We typically allow data to flow in for 2-4 weeks in order to garner a sufficient amount to allow us to revisit our roadmap and make strategic recommendations around what’s working well and what areas need improvement. The product life cycle then starts back again at Define and is compared to our long-term roadmap.

FLAyK is a mobile/web app revolutionizing how families work together. Its clean, beautiful, interface and straightforward functionality allow families to manage their time, collaborate on tasks, and reward each other for helping out when disruptions happen.

Imulus was initially engaged to lead the design and development for the application and has since grown to fill the role of acting CTO for the company, supporting in the creation of a new brand identity, ongoing business consulting, and feature development.

Following an initial, internal MVP release, Imulus was able to leverage trends in the market and Evolve the business, which is now expected to launch an iOS, Android and Web suite of products in time for back-to-school season, 2015.

Capabilities: strategy, app flows, creative direction, iOS development, Android development, responsive site development, API development, investment consulting, brand consulting, business consulting, product strategy, roadmap creation, video production, investment strategy